Revised 3/1/2017

1.     The league will establish practice and game schedules.

2.     Our facility is smoke free, including e-cigs. Please notify parents and enforce this rule as needed.

3.     The league does not carry medial insurance on players; each parent is responsible for his or her child’s insurance.

4.     Team drinks are available at a discount from the concession stand.

5.     Teams will consist of a Head Coach,  2 Assistant Coaches and a Dugout Helper. The league will provide 3 coaches shirts, an optional 4th shirt is available at cost. The coaches shirts must be worn in order to be allowed onto the field of play, there will be no exceptions. Only the Head Coach, Assistant Coaches and Dugout Helper should be allowed in the dugout during a game.

6.     Head Coaches are responsible for making sure all background checks and other required paperwork for their team has been submitted to the league before he/she including Assistant Coaches are allowed on the playing field. Failure will result in ejection from games until completed forms are received by the league.

7.     Basic team equipment shall be provided by the league and distributed to each Head Coach who shall sign for the equipment and return it at the completion of each season. The Head Coach shall be responsible for any equipment not returned.

8.     The league does not provide paid Scorekeepers. The team listed first on the schedule will be the home team; the visiting team will bat first. The home team will take the 3rd base dugout, operate the scoreboard and keep the official scorebook. A responsible adult should be assigned these tasks.

9.     Players are not required to tuck shirts into shorts or pants but shorts must be visible beneath shirts. No tank tops, sleeveless shirts or midriff exposing shirts allowed during practice or games. Shorts must be fingertip length (fingertip length does not include the length of sliders). If you are going to be a ballplayer you need to look like one.

10.  No metal cleats allowed.

11.  Batting helmets with faceguards are required for batters and base runners during practice and games. It is mandatory that all 8U & 10U Pitchers wear a game face, it is strongly recommended that all 12U, 16U and 18U Pitchers wear a game face for their protection.

12.  Coaches are required to check on each day they are scheduled to play. Important schedule, event changes and make up dates will be listed there. Rainout info will be posted as soon as possible after 3:00 p.m.

13.  Make up games are only rescheduled as time permits and at the discretion of the League Director.

14.  If a team is going to forfeit and not show up you must notify your Commissioner and the other Coach at least 1 day in advance.

15.  Game length will be 55 minutes or 6 innings. The umpire will keep the official time clock and will announce the starting time to each team.

16.  There will be no extra innings played except during tournament play. The home team will finish the inning regardless of time if the game can be tied or won with 8 runs.

17.  The distance between bases shall be 60 feet. Pitching distance will be 35 feet for 8U and 10U, 40 feet for 12U and 43 feet for 16U & 18U.

18.  Regulation 11” ASA or USSSA certified balls will be used for 8U and 10U. Regulation 12” ASA or USSSA certified balls will be used for 12U, 16U and 18U.

19.  A safety base for 1st base will be used.

20.  Dugout gates must be closed during live play.

21.  A team may start and finish a game with only 8 players without penalty. The last spot will not count as an out.

22.  If 8 players are not present for a game you may go one age group below within the league in fast or slow pitch to pick up a player, to qualify a minimum of 6 players from the team must be present. You can only pick up enough players to make a 10 player team (Example: 7 players arrive for the game, pickup 3 to total 10 players. Pick up players must play in the outfield and bat last in the order. During the Spring Season the 8U group may go to the 7-9 slow pitch age group to pick up a player, however the player must be 8 years of age or younger as of 1/1 of the current year. During the Fall Season the 8U group may pick up players within the 8U group with the approval of the Commissioner. Players arriving after a game begins may only be added to the bottom of the batting lineup if their team has not already batted through the lineup.

23.  If your starting pitcher or catcher is not present for a game you may pick up a pitcher or catcher within the same age group with approval from the Commissioner. The starting pitcher or catcher can bat anywhere in the order. This rule applies to 12U, 16U and 18U only.

24.  A maximum of 5 warm up pitches are allowed before the start of an inning.

25.  A team may play with 4 outfielders.

26.  Coaches should make an effort to rotate players as much as time and innings allow. No player can sit out for 2 consecutive innings per game.

27.  Complete and free substitution is allowed. A player may enter and leave the game at any time. However, the player must remain in the same place in the batting order. This includes the pitcher.

28.  An injured or ill player may return to play at the discretion of the Head Umpire or Commissioner. There will be no out counted if the player is unable to bat.

29.  A continuous batting order will be used. All players will bat regardless of number of players on either team. An inning will consist of 3 outs or a 5 run limit. On the play that scores the 5th run any and all runs that score will be counted for a maximum of 8 potential runs per inning however once the lead runner is stopped time will be called regardless of the number of outs.

30.  If a batter bats out of order and gets on base the batter may be called out before the next pitch.

31.  Slinging the bat is an automatic out after 1 warning per game, not per team.

32.  Pinch runners are allowed for injured players and 12U, 16U and 18U pitchers and catcher. If the pinch runner is on base at the time of her bat she will be called out at the plate.

33.  Bunting is allowed in all age groups.

34.  If the catcher drops a 3rd strike, a batter may run to 1st base if 1st base is unoccupied or there are 2 outs.

35.  12U, 16U and 18U players may attempt to steal once the ball has left the pitchers hand. No stealing in the 8U group, see attached steal rule for the 10U group.

36.  No foul language will be permitted and will result in automatic suspension from the game.

37.  No physical or verbal confrontation among coaches, parents or players will be tolerated at any time on or off league playing facilities and is subject to suspension from the league.

38.  The Umpire’s decision is final. Only a Head Coach or acting Head Coach (in the event HC is absent) shall be allowed to address the umpire. Coaches may not argue with the Umpire’s decision or question a judgement call, only potential Rule Violations may be discussed by the Head Coach calling time out and addressing the Umpire. Umpires will give a single warning to Coaches, Parents and Players followed by an ejection from the game. Poor or argumentative conduct shall result in a review with the Head Umpire, League Director, Division Commissioner and League Commissioner for future coaching, playing or spectating status within the league and is subject to suspension from one or more games up to permanent suspension from the league.

39.  Chain of Command is as follows: Parent/Player to Head Coach – Head Coach to Division Commissioner – Division Commissioner to League Commissioner – League Commissioner to League Director – Exception: if a Parent / Player has a complaint regarding their Head Coach they may report directly to the Division Commissioner.

40.  All other rules are in accordance with USSSA rules and good common sense.



1.     All coaches must throw a flat pitch to all batters. If an arched pitch is thrown to a batter it will be ruled a dead ball no pitch and a warning will be given to both teams. The next time an arched pitch is thrown it will be ruled a dead ball no pitch with a strike. A guideline to use for a flat pitch is the peak of the pitch can go no higher than the batters shoulders.

2.     11” softball will be used.

3.     Coach pitch from the thirty-five (35) ft. pitcher line. Six (6) pitches or four (4) strikes constitute an out, no walks are allowed.

4.     No stealing or 3rd strike drops.

5.     Bunting is allowed.

6.     No overthrow rule applies.

7.     Lead runner must be cutoff by defensive player before time is called.


1.     11” softball will be used

2.     Coach pitch from 35’ pitch rubber. After 5 balls are pitched coach will pitch 2 more balls to the batter, all coaches must throw a flat pitch to the batter, no walks allowed.

3.     Steals are allowed after player pitch crosses home plate, no stealing home, no stealing while coach is pitching. Once a player is on 3rd base the only way she can advance home is by a hit ball or live ball play in an attempt to throw another runner out.

4.     Bunting is allowed.

5.     No infield fly rule applies or 3rd strike drop.

6.     Lead runner must be cutoff by defensive player before time is called.

12U, 16U and 18U 

1.     12” softball will be used.

2.     12U pitch from 40’ pitch rubber. 16U & 18U pitch from 43’ pitch rubber.

3.     Infield fly rule applies

4.     Bunting is allowed.

5.     Stealing allowed on release of pitch.

6.     3rd strike drop rule applies.

7.     Lead runner must be cut off by defensive player before time is called.